Chief Bosun

John is the head of the bosun team and acts as the single point of contact with external boat repair and boat purchasing providers to ensure control on invoices and acts as project manager for all new boat projects.



Brian is a part of a small team of people responsible for all boat repair and boat maintenance.


Rowing Coordinator

Whatever the other team throws at us, Ash Marcus is always there keeping things on track. With impeccable skills, we know that there couldn’t be a better Captain with us.


Training Coordinator

Tom and a few other voluntary members create training courses and refine the training of the membership with an aim to continuously develop the rowing skills of the membership
To identfy key areas of weakness or training needs and development training courses, films or other material to address the requirement within the club, e.g: Cold Water Immersion Training; Learn-to-Row course (only when the club stops accepting tasters weekly and uses courses like this to bring in new members); Intermediate (skills improver) courses for rowers; Coxing courses, First Aid, Advanced rowing technique.
Encourage attendance at courses and for rowers to develop their skills and confidence.
To work with external bodies to provide training “know-how” in areas where the expertise does not exist in-house, i.e.. First Aid.
To create all training materials as a published set of course text, presentations or film that can be delivered by other qualified club members.
To keep updated all current course materials and ensure that they represent current legislation and best practice.
To develop skills sharing opporunities with other clubs and organisations.
To explore revenue opportunities from the provision of courses outside of the RBBC


No. 3 Boat House, Richmond, Surrey, TW9 1EW