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Sat, Sep 16



The Great River Race Ballot - OPEN (Part -1 -Whole boat Ballot for Cutters ONLY) Ballot closed by 24th June noon

What is the Great River Race? The GreatWhat is the Great River Race? The Great River Race is London’s River Marathon. It’s a spectacular boat race covering 21.6 miles from Millwall in the East to Richmond in the West, travelling under London’s famous bridges. It appeals to every level of competitor.

Registration Ballot is closed
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The Great River Race Ballot - OPEN (Part -1 -Whole boat Ballot for Cutters ONLY) Ballot closed by 24th June noon
The Great River Race Ballot - OPEN (Part -1 -Whole boat Ballot for Cutters ONLY) Ballot closed by 24th June noon

Time & Location

Sep 16, 9:00 AM – 10:00 PM

Millwall, Millwall, London E14, UK


About the event

Great River Race 2023 - 16th September

(Part -1 -Whole boat Ballot for Cutters ONLY)

Ballot closed by 24th June noon time!

Rules in Summary

These are the summary rules for the use of Richmond Bridge Boat Club (RBBC) boats in the Great River Race. The fully stated version of the rules will be given to each club member that enters the ballot.

Rules for Crew (all boats)

1. All crew of RBBC boats participating in the GRR are bound by the rules as set out in the RBBC Great River Race Ballot Rules document (the fully specified rules). It is important that every crew member familiarise themselves with those rules as a deliberate breach of the rules could result in disciplinary action being taken.

2. All crew must be current RBBC members on race day. Any crew member found not to have valid membership for the race will be withdrawn.

3. If you are a member of the club on ballot day, your membership expires before race day and you are choosing not to renew your annual membership; options exist to pay to extend your membership if your membership expires not more than 8 weeks before the day of the race.

4. All crew members must provide the information, as required by the club, to enter the crew into the race, and the applicable race categories for the boat and crew.

5. All crews must abide by the rules of the Great River Race and the decisions of their marshals and officers. A crew must act in the best interests of safety of both themselves and the crews around them. Any crews found to be in breach of the GRR rules, or to have acted inappropriately, may be subject to disciplinary action brought by the club.

Whole Cutter Boats Ballot closed by 24th June noon time!

For two Cutters (Foxy and Sara Lisa) - Total fee of £975 per cutter;

6 rowers (£150 each) + 1 passenger (£75) + 1 Cox (free)

The rules of the ballot apply to both Boat Organisers and crew alike, it is important that all members of a crew wishing to row in a club boat familiarise themselves with the rules.

1) The ballot to be Boat Organiser is open to club members only. On your name being drawn you are entitled to take part in the GRR using the assigned boat in return for the advertised fee.

2) All members of the crew on a club boat MUST be RBBC members on the day of the race.

3) After the ballot the Boat Organiser will be asked to pay a 50% non-refundable deposit and provide their initial crew list by 2nd July. If the full deposit is not received in this time any money paid will be refunded and the boat offered in a new Whole Boat Ballot.

4) The club ask that the Boat Organiser keep the club appraised of any changes of crew up until race day so that the crew may be entered into the appropriate classes in the race.

5) Once the deposit has been paid (by the due date) the boat will assigned to the Boat Organiser. The remaining balance of the fee for the boat must then be paid no later than 16th July. This payment will also be non-refundable. If the balance is not paid by this date, the club reserve the right to withdraw the crew’s entry and re-offer the boat.

6) A full crew list must also be provided on the date on which the balance of payments is due for the boat (after this date the Boat Organiser may still change the crew at any time, provided that it remains entirely made up of club members). If a crew is unable to establish that they have a full crew of club members by the required date, this crew must be equal in number the crew complement as required by the GRR rules for the class of boat they have been assigned; the club reserves the right to, at its discretion, withdraw the crew from the race and re-offer the boat.

7) Withdrawal: if a crew withdraw, or are withdrawn, from the race the fees paid to date are non-refundable. The boat of a withdrawn crew will be re-offered, and every effort made to find a crew. If a new crew is found, an arrangement will be made between the new and withdrawing crew regarding fees paid to date. In taking over the entry of the boat the new crew will agree to pay all applicable fees remaining due to the club.

 Instructions concerning the crew and the boat may only be given to the club by the Boat Organiser. The Boat Organiser and the club may, at any time, nominate a replacement to be drawn from the known crew.

If the club finds that: after the whole boat ballots have been held, or due to the withdrawal of crews, one or more club boats have not been taken; the club will use its discretion in re-offering those boats to get maximum benefit for the club and its members.

9) Please be advised that a breach of the fully stated rules, or any other applicable rules, may result in disciplinary action being taken against the whole crew.

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